about our midwife
Rebecca Tidwell Prediletto
Rebecca Tidwell Prediletto - Licensed Midwife
I attend homebirth in and around Los Angeles. I am a graduate of the National College of Midwifery, licensed by the Medical Board of California and certified by the North American Registry of Midwives. I also hold certificates in both Neonatal Resuscitation and in Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals.

My clinical experience has been gleaned from my years with TLC Midwifery here in LA as well as clinical rotations at a high volume birth center in El Paso. I'veĀ  been working within the childbirth arena since 2004 as a doula, childbirth educator, breastfeeding counselor, assistant midwife, and now as a midwife.

In my “life before midwifery” I worked for social and economic justice, primarily in the labor movement, organizing nurses and other healthcare professionals. Engaging women in struggle within the workplace helped to provide the foundation for my belief in the power of women. Giving birth at home to my third child helped to solidify that belief. The work that I am now privileged to do every day simply affirms it. I am deeply grateful to the women and families I serve, to my loving and supportive family, and to the midwives who have helped to train my mind and hands and who have helped to shape my practice. How lucky am I?